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How Much Does a Pardon Cost in Canada?

How Much Does a Pardon Cost in Canada?

In Canada, a pardon, also known as a record suspension, is a process that allows individuals who have been convicted of a criminal offense to have their criminal record kept separate and apart from other criminal records. This can help in removing barriers that the criminal record might impose on an individual's life, particularly when seeking employment, housing, or volunteer opportunities.

Why is a Pardon Needed?

A criminal record can significantly impact various aspects of an individual's life. Here's why obtaining a pardon is crucial:

  • Employment Opportunities: Many employers conduct background checks before hiring. A criminal record can be a significant barrier to gaining employment.
  • Travel Restrictions: Certain countries, like the United States, have strict entry policies that may deny access to individuals with criminal records.
  • Housing: Landlords may perform background checks on potential tenants. A clean record can improve your chances of securing rental accommodations.
  • Volunteer Work: Many volunteer organizations require a clean record, especially if the work involves vulnerable populations like children or the elderly.
  • Peace of Mind: A pardon can help in psychologically relieving individuals from the burden of their past mistakes.

Benefits of Obtaining a Pardon

  • Improved Employment Prospects: With a record suspension, your criminal record will not show up on most background checks, making it easier to secure a job.
  • Enhanced Travel Freedom: While a Canadian pardon does not guarantee entry to other countries, it can improve your chances of being allowed entry, particularly to the U.S.
  • Better Housing Options: Landlords are more likely to approve rental applications without a criminal record.
  • Opportunities to Volunteer: A clean record allows for more volunteer opportunities, especially in sensitive areas.

How Much Does a Pardon Cost?

The cost of obtaining a pardon in Canada can vary depending on whether you choose to handle the process yourself or hire a professional Canadian pardon service. Here are the potential costs involved:

  • Application Fee: CAD 644.88 (mandatory fee paid to the Parole Board of Canada).
  • Fingerprinting: Approximately CAD 50-$100.
  • Court Documents: Costs can vary, but expect to pay around CAD 25-$75 per document.
  • Local Police Records Check: Approximately CAD 20-$50.
  • Professional Services: If you choose to hire a service to help with your application, costs can range from CAD 1,000 to CAD 2,000 or more, depending on the complexity of your case and the services provided.

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