What is Canada Pardon?

A Canadian pardon is granted by the Government of Canada. It lets someone erase their previous criminal conviction from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) database. This means that when someone checks your criminal record, they won’t see your conviction or your Canadian pardon. After getting a Canadian pardon, only you or the Public Safety Minister of Canada can allow someone to see your past conviction.

What is Expungement?

When you get a pardons Canada, it hides your past conviction, but when you get an expungement, it completely gets rid of it forever. But here’s the thing: you can only get an expungement if you’ve already gotten a pardons Canada. This step must not be skipped.

Benefits of Pardon

Having a conviction on your record can hold you back from achieving your goals in life. Many things we want to do, like finding a job, volunteering, or even spending time with our children, can be affected by having a criminal record. Most places, like employers and organizations, check for criminal backgrounds, and if they find something, they might not want to hire you or let you participate.

Difference: Pardon and Waiver in Canada

A pardon and waiver service typically refers to a service or legal process that helps individuals obtain pardons or waivers for certain legal issues or barriers they may face. These services are often associated with criminal records and immigration issues:



A pardon is an official forgiveness granted by a government or legal authority, which restores certain rights and privileges to individuals who have been convicted of a crime. Pardons can vary from one jurisdiction to another, but they often involve the removal of certain legal disabilities, such as the right to vote, possess firearms, or hold certain jobs. Pardon services assist individuals in navigating the complex process of applying for a pardon, which may involve gathering documentation, completing forms, and demonstrating rehabilitation.



A waiver, in the context of immigration, refers to a legal document that allows an individual to bypass certain inadmissibility issues when entering a country temporarily or permanently. For example, if someone has a criminal record or a medical condition that would typically make them ineligible for a visa or entry into a country, they may be able to obtain a waiver to overcome these barriers. Waiver services help individuals understand the eligibility criteria, gather the required documents, and prepare a strong case to request a waiver.


Why get a Pardon

Getting a pardon can be beneficial for individuals who have a criminal record for various reasons, as it provides them with legal forgiveness for their past convictions. Here are some of the common reasons why someone might seek a pardon:


Restoration of Civil Rights

Pardons often restore certain civil rights that may have been revoked due to a criminal conviction. These rights can include the right to vote, the right to possess firearms, and the right to serve on a jury. Regaining these rights can significantly impact an individual’s civic participation and quality of life.


Employment Opportunities

Having a criminal record can be a significant barrier to employment. Many employers conduct background checks, and a criminal record can result in job discrimination. A pardon can help remove this obstacle, making it easier for individuals to find and maintain employment.



Some landlords and housing providers perform background checks on potential tenants. A criminal record can make it difficult to secure housing. With a pardon, individuals may have an easier time finding suitable housing.


Immigration Benefits

In some cases, individuals with criminal records may face deportation or other immigration consequences. A pardon can potentially help mitigate these consequences or improve one’s chances of remaining in a country.


Personal Reputation

A pardon can symbolize rehabilitation and a fresh start for an individual’s personal reputation. It can help remove the stigma associated with a criminal record and allow individuals to move forward with their lives.



Some countries have restrictions on allowing individuals with certain criminal records to enter. A pardon may make it easier for individuals to travel internationally without encountering issues at the border.


Peace of Mind

Beyond the practical benefits, a pardon can provide peace of mind and closure to individuals who have made efforts to turn their lives around. It acknowledges their rehabilitation and provides legal forgiveness for past mistakes.

It’s important to note that the availability and criteria for obtaining a pardon vary by jurisdiction. The process can also be time-consuming and may require legal assistance. Therefore, individuals interested in obtaining a pardon should consult with legal professionals or relevant authorities to understand the specific requirements and procedures in their jurisdiction. Additionally, not all convictions are eligible for pardons, and some serious offenses may never be eligible for this type of relief.

Eligibility for Pardons Canada

People often have this question whether they are eligible for a pardons Canada. In order to be eligible for a pardons Canada, you must meet certain predefined conditions as follows:


Serving the entirety of your sentence


Completing probation and paying fines


Waiting for a predetermined time (details below)


Demonstrating good behavior since completing your sentence


However, individuals charged with a sexual conviction involving a minor or with more than three convictions prosecuted by indictment (each with a prison sentence of two years or more) are ineligible.

The time it takes to apply for a Canadian pardon depends on what happened with your case:


If your case was dropped, thrown out, or you were found not guilty, it takes 5 months.


If you got a complete dismissal, a stayed charge, or certain peace bonds, it takes 1 year.


If you got a conditional discharge, it takes 3 years.


If you got a summary conviction, it takes 5 years.


If you got an indictable conviction, it takes 10 years.

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